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Book Reviews
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Brave lands The Spirit Eaters
by Erin Hunter

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This book is so interesting to talk about three different types of animals who get along and that they are different does not matter. They live together, fight together, and respect one another. They are more than friends and they help each other to find the replacement for the Great Mother.

There's Treasure Everywhere
by Bill Watterson

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The only comic books I like. 6/5

Best Kept Secrets
by Sandra Brown

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As usual Sandra Brown never fails to keep you on edge. You think you know who done it and you might but you change your mind several times as the plot moves and changes. A good read.

Hero At Large
by Janet Evanovich

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An early Evanovich writing-originally published under name Steffie Hall. Very different style than her later novels. Easy to breeze through.

That Summer
by Jennifer Weiner

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Two women who have the same first name Diana ,living two different lifestyles. Until one day a picture reminds one what happened That Summer on the Cape. An event that took her life upside down.

Jeeves And Wooster Omnibus
by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

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New favorite book series (one of)

Doctor Who: The Three Doctors
by Terrance Dicks

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Great book based on amazing TV series- Highly recommend

The Red Pony And Other Stories
by John Steinbeck

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Unenjoyable. Very sad, horses keep dying

7 Day Switch(Kindle book pick)
by Kelly Harms

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Tired, overworked plot like the characters themselves . Only difference was North vs. South. Lot of life-coaching principles that were tiring.

The Final Girl Support Group
by Grady Hendrix

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If you're a fan of horror movies and the whole meta surrounding horror, this book is am absolute must read. I have had a hard time putting this one down!